2017_03_04 Transcript #TakeWhatYouNeed #chysyl

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to Daily Bites: Choose How You Spend Your Life. I’m Anne from B.E. Budget Explorers. Today is Saturday, March 4, and this month, we’re reviewing past reflections in order to practice filtering information so that we #TakeWhatYouNeed

Since days of the week don’t always match up with days of the month, today will be the third of four months’ review of the #FirstFriday reflection: What are your #NewMonthResolutions?

This means that one of the reflections may be easier today, having already completed or already heard it recently. If it seems simple, I encourage you to get it done and move on to one of the others.


#November 4: What are your #NewMonthResolutions?

#December 4: Yesterday, a possible review was December 3’s brainstorm: What do you want? And today, we review, What do you need? There’s no right or wrong, just browse through your thoughts and consider #NeedVsWant.

#January 4: When have you felt clarity regarding your values?

#February 4: How are you doing? #Create regarding “Create Your Success”

#WriteYourOwn: Come up with your own reflection prompt, and share it on social media with the hashtag #chysyl (choose how you spend your life).

#Top3Priorities: Brainstorm your priorities and pick your top 3 to complete today.


Remember you can use any one or more of the prompts above, or none of them. Perhaps one will seem more relevant than others today.

Let me know with the #chysyl hashtag on Twitter, or in the Patreon comments which prompts you used.

TTFN, and I’ll review today’s prompts, for those  of you who might want to listen to them again. Otherwise, have a great day!

If you’d like some more time to reflect on the prompts, I’ll repeat them now, in a different order.

[Pause; repeat prompts]

TTFN, and please subscribe and share on iTunes and Patreon. Thank you!


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