2017_02_12 Transcript #chysyl @gabe_fox @animeshen

As requested, I’m adding the transcripts for podcast episodes; I’ll be gradually adding the February scripts as I have time. Thank you so much to patrons for making this possible!

Sunday, February 12



Happy Sunday, Budget Explorers!


Today our activity is to plan out our meals for the week, and our recipe-sharing theme is: share dessert recipes in the comments on Patreon.

The theme of desserts is in honor of another project I’m part of, and that’s the webcomic that I produced, wrote, and colored for: Hey Kitty, a spinoff of Hey Fox. They now have a Patreon page to try to breakeven while paying the fantastic artist we hired, Shen.

She posts WIP and warm-up sketches on the Patreon page, which is awesome (as well as this fun live-stream, and at the Superhero TeamUp level, you can join in the voice chat) — but you’re probably wondering what all this has to do with dessert, so I’m just going to say #icecreamisfuel and leave a link for you below…


So, please comment with recipes for desserts, and whenever you have ice cream, consider sending a pic to @HeyKittyComic on twitter with the #icecreamisfuel hashtag, and I guarantee you’ll make at least 3 people’s day.


TTFN, and see you in the new week!


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