2017_02_11 Transcript #chysyl @ArtbyOde

As requested, I’m adding the transcripts for podcast episodes; I’ll be gradually adding the February scripts as I have time. Thank you so much to patrons for making this possible!


Saturday, February 11

#SelfCare, #CheckIn, #Create


Good morning! Happy Saturday! Welcome to Daily Bites: Choose How You Spend Your Life. I’m Anne from B.E. Budget Explorers!


First on the to-do list for today is:

Check in with yourself. How’s your week (or day) going?


Then, for the main reflection, journal or #Create art, prose, poetry, etc. about your journey to your dreams. This could be more general, or it could be related to any of these reflections: #LongTermFinancialGoal, #FutureSelf, #NewYearsResolutions, #NewMonthResolutions, etc.; whatever inspires you in the moment. 🙂


Please feel free to share on Patreon or Twitter with the Daily Bites random-looking hashtag #chysyl.


And, as usual, also brainstorm priorities and pick your #Top3Priorities to complete today.


And check out some of OdeChan‘s art on their Twitter account, @ArtbyOde, and let them know we appreciate the work of artists like them.


Take care, and be good to each other and yourself today.


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