2017_02_10 Transcript #chysyl

As requested, I’m adding the transcripts for podcast episodes; I’ll be gradually adding the February scripts as I have time. Thank you so much to patrons for making this possible!


Friday, February 10

#WeekendGoals, #LongTermFinancialGoal


Good morning, and welcome to Daily Bites: Choose How You Spend Your Life. Today is Friday, February 10, and we’re continuing our #CreateYourSuccess month.


Our reflection today is to continue the#LongTermFinancialGoal review from February 7, specifically the one about timing:

Review: When will you complete your #LTFG? … and… To do so, what will you need to complete by 6 months from now?


And today, consider: to get the things done by 6 months from now, what do you need to complete by 3 months from now?


How will you blend these into your planning as you set your #WeekendGoals and #Top3Priorities to complete today?


TTFN, and talk to you on the weekend!


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