2017_02_09 Transcript #chysyl

As requested, I’m adding the transcripts for podcast episodes; I’ll be gradually adding the February scripts as I have time. Thank you so much to patrons for making this possible!


Thursday, February 10



Good morning, Budget Explorers! Welcome to Daily Bites: Choose How You Spend Your Life. I’m Anne, and today is Thursday, February 9.


Today’s reflection for #CreateYourSuccess is our usual for Thursday:


Input this week’s data into your app, program, or budget sheet, listing transactions by category.

  1. What do your budget categories look like now, and
  2. How will they look at the end of the month? (Take previous data you’ve gathered into account, where relevant.)


But the more important reflection today (yes, this is a budget coach saying something is more important than tracking income and expense) — the more important reflection is to track expectations regarding goal-setting, specifically by assessing your #Top3Priorities from February 6 and yesterday, February 8.


How are you doing with setting goals you will accomplish within the time you expect?


How will you continue to improve on setting goals that are both realistic and challenging?


Brainstorm your #Top3Priorities to complete today, and I’ll see you in the comments!


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