2017_02_02 Transcript #chysyl

As requested, I’m adding the transcripts for podcast episodes; I’ll be gradually adding the February scripts as I have time. Thank you so much to patrons for making this possible!


Thursday, February 2



Hello, everyone, and welcome to Daily Bites: Choose How You Spend Your Life! Today is Thursday, February 2, and February is #CreateYourSuccess month here at Daily Bites.


Thursdays are our day to look at our transactions and record them or verify they’ve all been categorized correctly if we use a budgeting app or program. Doing that and considering how the month is going is how we #TrackExpectations once a week.


So, first, write out the categories for your income and expense, not just for this week, but for the month, Then, track what you’ve earned and spent so far this month, and estimate what you will spend and earn.


Next, reflect on the categories you have chosen, and the dollar distribution of your estimates. Is it all realistic? Do some goals need to be adjusted? What are you working towards? What will success look like?


Another good thing to do is find a budgetary accountability partner, or, if you already have one, contact them, and let them know what your goals are.


As I mentioned yesterday, if you have the ebook or paperback book, you’ll see that each day this month, there’s a separate category to write your #Top3Priorities for the day, where you can brainstorm your priorities and pick your top 3 to complete today.


TTFN, and see you in the comments!


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